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Truth Verification

This solution is offered by EMETH Truth Verification Services. All investigators have been trained by the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training, Philadelphia and have extensive investigative knowledge. 





Are tools that clear the innocent, identifies the guilty, recovers evidence, protects assets and saves money and investigative resources.

  • Used for any specific investigation eg. Theft, arson, murder, fraud, sexual offences etc.
  • Period/general screenings
  • Pre-employment screenings



  • Forensic interview questionnaire
  • Past employment reference validation
  • Criminal record check using AFIS
  • ITC check
  • Educational validation
  • Trust risk survey
  • Portfolio building through voluntary testing and disclosure.

With this information you can make an informed employment decision.


The company has access to various trained and accredited consultants on an ongoing and project by project basis. Furthermore, the company has networking relationship with accredited professionals in this field across South Africa and internationally and can therefore boost capacity and reach per project. 


For further assistance please contact 

Christine Rothman 

Forensic Psychophysiologist 

Mobile: 082 924 6137 

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